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Virtual CFO

If you want to stay on top of your finances, but do not want to hire a full time CFO - you may consider the Virtual CFO

A Virtual CFO can provide management valuable financial advice and customized financial reports that provide real value to their businesses decision making.

Here are some of the ways that a Virtual CFO can assist your business: 

Guide you through the start up process and assist in getting your accounting system set up and mapped correctly.
Train your bookkeepers or other assistant in the proper accounting procedures for your particular business.
Work with your bookkeepers on a monthly basis to ensure that transactions are recorded correctly and records are kept up to date.
We will also be available to assist the bookkeepers if problems should arise.
Offer guidance in the budget planning process and provides budget-to-actual analysis on a monthly or quarterly basis.
Discuss project or department profitability on a monthly or quarterly basis.
Prepare fixed asset depreciation schedules on all equipment and keep the list current with new purchases.
Schedules a monthly meetings or teleconference with management to discuss results of operation as well as other business decision making issues that may arise during the month.